Peru is awarded as the best cultural and culinary destination in the world

Once again, our country stands out in the prestigious World Travel Awards 2023, reaffirming its position as a world leader in culture and gastronomy.

The Commission for the Promotion of Peru for Exports and Tourism (PROMPERÚ) announced that our country has received two distinctions in the latest edition of the World Travel Awards (WTA) 2023. These awards, known in the industry as the ‘Oscars of the Tourism’ according to the Wall Street Journal, are a reference in terms of excellence in the travel and tourism sector.

Highlighting its cultural impact, Peru has been chosen, for the fifth time, as the world’s leading cultural destination, surpassing countries such as Cambodia, “Best cultural destination in Asia 2023”; Cuba, “Best cultural destination in the Caribbean 2023”; Spain, “Best cultural destination in Europe 2023”; and Vietnam, which has the titles of “Asia’s Best Cultural City Destination 2023” (Hoi An) and “Asia’s Best Cultural Tourist Attraction 2023” (Tam Chuc Complex).

In addition, our country has won for the eleventh time the award for best culinary destination in these recognized awards, leaving behind 15 competing countries, among which are great references in gastronomy such as Argentina, Colombia, Spain, Italy, France, Japan and Thailand.

Angélica Matsuda, executive president of PROMPERÚ, expressed her pride and satisfaction in these achievements. “These awards are a reflection and recognition of the collective effort of all Peruvians and highlight the cultural and gastronomic diversity of the country,” she declared. In addition, she stressed that these recognitions are an impetus to continue promoting and directing sectoral strategies for the varied tourism offer in Peru.

The WTA ceremony celebrates excellence in various aspects of global tourism and travel and establishes an internationally recognized quality standard in the sector. These awards are a testament to Peru’s commitment to excellence in hospitality and the richness of its cultural and culinary traditions.

Tourism leaders in the region

It should be noted that in addition to these global recognitions, in August of this year, Peru was also honored with awards in the regional categories of the World Travel Awards.

Our country took the titles of «Best culinary destination in South America», «Best cultural destination in South America», and «Best leading destination in South America». In one particularly notable category,

Machupicchu was also awarded as the «Best Tourist Attraction in South America», highlighting its historical significance and unique beauty on the continent.

PROMPERÚ has been promoting the country as a gastronomic destination worldwide. For this reason, it launched the campaign “The flavor that was missing” and, recently, it was present in the Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants, where our flagship drink was promoted through the brand ‘Pisco Spirit of Peru.

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