Terms And Conditions Of Reservation

Stone Path Machupicchu thanks you for your preference, rest assured, we will make your trip the best experience of your life. It is important to mention that to achieve a fraternal relationship between Stone Path Machupicchu and you, it is vital to consider and accept the policies, terms, and conditions of our offered services. Therefore, we ask you to please read each item described carefully.

By making a reservation through our website, by email, or in person, you acknowledge and accept these terms and conditions. Any participation in our services will be considered as acceptance of this agreement.

Scope Of Our Service

Our system displays all the information about the services offered but not their availability. When a reservation is made, you will immediately receive an automatic notification with a copy of the registered data. Within no more than 48 hours, one of our advisors will contact you via email to confirm the status of your reservation, depending on the availability of the requested service. Passengers are responsible for providing their email and contact numbers correctly. If passengers do not receive the confirmation email within the established period, they should contact Stone Path Machupicchu.

Prices Of Programs And Services

  • All rates are expressed in US dollars and Peruvian soles and do not include the 18% VAT applicable to Peruvians and foreign residents in Peru (exempt for foreigners).
  • Published rates are not valid for holidays, festive days, or long weekends unless explicitly stated.
  • All transportation rates are subject to change and space availability to be confirmed on the day the reservation is made. This available rate will be sent via email by one of our advisors.

Reservations, Payments, And Deposits | Tours

  • To confirm the reservation, we must have received your payment for the contracted services or the equivalent deposit of 30% + 5.5% for international interbank transfer of the total of your acquired package.
  • The reservation will be confirmed when one of our advisors informs you through an email or the issuance of the service voucher showing the confirmed status and the corresponding confirmation code.
  • Payments or guarantee deposits must be made through our online system or, failing that, to the company’s bank accounts.
  • The passenger will be contacted by the Tour Operator at the destination, who must identify themselves with their passport or identity document and pay their balance in cash (if any) to start the provision of the tourist services. Stone Path Machupicchu will provide the client with the data of the operator and guide in charge before the start of any contracted tourist activity.
  • It is the passenger’s responsibility to indicate their arrival and departure data well in advance.
  • If the passenger requires pick-up from a specific location different from the one published in the itinerary, it must be coordinated in advance with Stone Path Machupicchu to check for additional charges.
  • If you purchase a tourist package with transportation, the passenger must arrive in advance at the time indicated for check-in at the bus company’s boarding station or at the airport, to collect their boarding card or ticket and check in. The company is not responsible if the passenger loses the ticket due to reasons beyond the company’s control, such as delays, queue delays, not checking in, or others.
  • Every reservation of tickets is personal and non-transferable, not endorsable, and non-refundable. They are also subject to the transport company’s cancellation policies.
  • All tours are subject to the weather factor. In case there are weather interferences in carrying out the contracted tourist service, the conditions of each service will apply (in no case is there a refund).
  • Once the client has received their confirmation by email or any other means of communication, they have a period of no more than 48 hours after receiving it to make any observations. It is understood that if the client has not made observations in that period or has already started to enjoy the contracted services, the company assumes conformity on their part.
  • It is the client’s responsibility to pay the advance or balances of the contracted service within the deadlines established by Stone Path Machupicchu. Failure to comply with them, the company reserves the right to cancel the reservation without refunds.
  • In case the final payment is not made, Stone Path Machupicchu will have the authority to cancel the tour without prior notice and proceed before the corresponding authorities for damages and losses, according to what is established by Art. 1331 of the Peruvian Civil Code, in agreement with Art. 1341 of the same legal body. It is important to note that transaction expenses are covered by the client and are not included in our tour prices.

Cancellation, Rescheduling, And Refund Policies

  • For any cancellation by the client within 45 days or less of the start date of the contracted service, a penalty of 100% will be applied.
  • Failure to show up on the specified day and time for the provision of the contracted service will result in a 100% penalty.
  • For any cancellation by the client occurring between 70 and 45 days prior to the start date of the service, a penalty of 50% of the program value plus US $25 in administrative fees per passenger will be applied.
  • For any cancellation by the client occurring between 90 and 70 days prior to the start date of the service, a penalty of US $25 in administrative fees per passenger will be applied.
  • For any rescheduling by the client within 45 days or less of the start date of the contracted service, the request will be accepted provided the client has no outstanding balances to pay, the involved third-party provider allows it, and there is no fare difference for the new rescheduling date.
  • Refunds will only be effective when requested by the client more than 90 days before the start date of the contracted service, or when the company is unable to provide the contracted service. In the latter case, the company will not pay more than 100% of the amount paid by the client. Refunds will be provided within a period of not less than 30 business days and not more than 120 business days, deducting transaction costs if any.
  • For any of the cases (cancellation, rescheduling, and refunds), when a contracted service is operated by a third party and their penalties are greater than those indicated in this document, the penalties of the third-party operator will apply.
  • In the event that the passenger decides not to complete the reception of any contracted service, the difference will not be refundable.


  • Passengers must carry a valid passport or travel document according to their nationality, as legally required by Peru.
  • Passengers hiring our services as non-resident foreigners in Peru must send a copy of their immigration stamp with the date of entry into the country. This date must not exceed the number of days allowed by current regulations for exemption from IGV (General Sales Tax) payment; otherwise, they must pay the IGV on the total value of the contracted service.
  • Family groups with children must carry their passport or national ID. If traveling with only one parent or a legal guardian, a notarized permission letter from the parents is required. If payment has been made and this documentation is not presented, the service will not be provided, and a penalty of 100% will be applied.

Responsibility And Obligation

  • Our obligation for services not provided due to negligence by Stone Path Machupicchu or our staff is limited to the actual cost of the omitted services and excludes all consequential or indirect costs.
  • In such an event, Stone Path Machupicchu will make every effort to provide alternative arrangements of equal or lesser value, subject to availability.
  • Clients accept that Stone Path Machupicchu is not responsible for non-provision of services in cases of adverse weather conditions or natural disasters that cannot be foreseen. Likewise, there will be no responsibility in cases of political movements, accidents, declaration of state of emergency, border closures, strikes, or any other public act beyond the control of Stone Path Machupicchu that could not be foreseen. In these cases, the value of the contracted service will not be refundable.
  • The passenger accepts that Stone Path Machupicchu acts as an intermediary for tourist service companies and has no obligation or responsibility for loss, damage, or injury related to services and accommodations provided by railways, land transportation companies, local tourism companies, tour operators, steamship companies, airlines, adventure sports, hotels, and accommodation providers. All these services operate under the laws of the country, subject to regulations provided by the relevant authorities.
  • Stone Path Machupicchu will provide the passenger with all e-tickets and/or booking confirmations via the passenger’s email provided in the booking form.
  • The services provided through this system are intangible; therefore, if passengers for any reason do not use the services at the scheduled date and time, they will assume the responsibility for the total costs of these services.

Payment Methods

  • The company accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Diners Club credit, debit, and pre-paid cards.
  • The company accepts deposits for cash payments into bank accounts in Peru and through Western Union or Money Gram agents abroad.
  • For payments from abroad in cash through banks or remittance agents, the customer assumes the transaction cost.
  • When the customer pays with a card and in a currency different from the quoted currency, they will assume the differences due to the exchange rate applied by their bank.
  • For cash payments, transfers, and/or bank deposits in a currency different from the quoted currency, the customer accepts the exchange rate of Stone Path Machupicchu.
  • In case the customer makes a payment with a Stone Path Machupicchu card, the company reserves the right to request a copy or photo of the card used for the payment showing only the following information: first four digits, last four digits, and cardholder’s name; additionally, the passport or national ID of the cardholder to prevent fraudulent operations. If the cardholder is not part of the travel group, they must send a signed email letter authorizing the charge to their card.

Regarding Loss Of Belongings

  • During your tour or excursion with Stone Path Machupicchu, we will not be responsible for the loss of your belongings, thefts, or damage to luggage. To prevent this, we strongly urge you to be attentive to all your belongings during the tours or excursions offered by our company.

Regarding Pickups

  • The pickup time will be determined in the program; the tourist must be ready and waiting in the hotel lobby. If not ready at the established time, the agency will not be responsible for delays and/or abandonment by the transport, as this is a scheduled time.
  • If the tourist is found to be intoxicated, the agency has the right to cancel and not refund the payment for the service

Regarding Hotels

The company reserves the right to substitute hotels of the same category in the tourist packages it offers, due to the availability of hotels in Peru, in accordance with Article 1277 of the Current Peruvian Civil Code.

  • Cancellation of hotel reservations within 72 hours will be considered a NO SHOW, and unfortunately, it is non-refundable. (for 2-star and 3-star hotels), this applies to individual rooms.
  • In the case of groups larger than 6 passengers, a NO SHOW is considered 30 days prior to the check-in date.
  • Cancellation of hotel reservations within 20 days prior to the start of the tours will incur a charge of 70% of the total reservation (for 3-star and 2-star hotels) (another category applies NO SHOW and unfortunately is non-refundable).
  • Cancellation of hotel reservations more than 21 days in advance will be refunded at 95% (for 3-star and 2-star hotels), (if the hotel is of another category, a charge of 50% will be made).
  • Changes in accommodations are subject to the availability of the hotels.
  • Please be aware that you must check out of the hotel if you are scheduled to stay in a different hotel the following day. (If you do not check out, unfortunately, you will have to bear the cost of the room).

Regarding Flights

  • Domestic flights within Peru: Refunds are subject to fines and charges according to the conditions of the purchased fare. Medium fare: allows a personal item (backpack or bag measuring 25x35x45 cm) + 23 kg suitcase for checked luggage with a linear measurement of 153 cm.
  • In the event of closure of Jorge Chavez International Airport in Lima, Cusco, Juliaca, or Arequipa due to air accidents, strikes or confirmed shutdowns, weather factors, and/or rescheduling by the same airline, the flight will be automatically rescheduled to another date or time according to availability free of charge with your sales executive.
  • If the passenger wishes to reschedule the flight, it is subject to the availability of the same or higher fare (they must indicate their new travel date to verify the fare difference), applying a fare difference charge, a penalty of 30 USD, and a non-refundable reissuance fee of $16 per passenger.
  • In case of group booking – subject to each airline’s (Sky or Latam) penalty. Requirements for rescheduling: pay the fare difference and penalty within the established year (subject to changes by the airline). Confirm by email the reconfirmation of the entire group, providing the exact dates of international flight rescheduling. Make this communication before the travel date, as it would be considered a no-show on the domestic flight if the change procedure is not done before the travel date.
  • NOTE: The travel agency Stone Path Machupicchu commits to not altering the program and to provide the cost paid based on passengers, including both the advance and the corresponding balance of the purchased package.
  • TIP: In the case of flights, name changes or endorsements to another passenger are possible, but a penalty of 16 USD + a reissuance fee of 10 USD must be paid.
  • In case of group booking – subject to each airline’s (Sky or Latam) penalty.
  • International flights: if the passenger purchases an international flight, we as an agency will assist in managing the corresponding changes, according to each airline’s policies, if the flight change cannot be executed (the agency does not assume responsibility for the purchased international flight).

Regarding The Decentralized Directorate Of Culture (Machupicchu Ticket):

  • This entity is responsible for generating entrance tickets to the different Machupicchu routes, and Article 15 of its regulations states the following: The entrance ticket is only valid for the date it was purchased, and changes in date or ticket holder name are not allowed. Exceptionally, only the passport number can be changed. The DDC-Cusco will not issue refunds or returns except in force majeure situations that prevent visitors’ arrival at the entrance to the Llaqta of Machupicchu (subject to availability).

Regarding Peru Rail (Tourist Trains):

  • This entity is responsible for generating train tickets with different routes, according to its regulations, it states the following: If the modification is for another date and in the same service or a service with a lower fare, a 10% administrative fee will be charged, without refund for the fare difference, except for cases substantiated by COVID19.
  • Changes are allowed to be made 48 hours before the travel date. (these changes are made in person at offices; offices are closed on Sundays and holidays, making it complicated to make changes on these days)
  • Inform us in advance of any updates or special requests so that we can organize them.

Regarding Tours – Trekking

  • Full-day trekking tours that do not include an entrance ticket to Machu Picchu, Inca Trail, train tickets, or bus tickets are fully refundable up to 96 hours before the departure date.
  • In case the trekking is multi-day, unfortunately, you will have to cover the operational expenses of the already reserved services.
  • Cancellations within 72 hours are considered a no-show, are non-refundable as all services are already scheduled, this applies to all tours and trekkings.
  • The equipment provided is the responsibility of the passenger, in case of loss they must assume the cost (1 stick = 40.00 USD, 1 blanket = 5.00 USD)
  • Stone Path Machupicchu does not offer saddle horse service on the mountain of colors and Humantay lagoon routes; therefore, if you wish to hire them, it will be at the passenger’s responsibility.

Regarding The Inca Trail

  • The Inca Trail is considered part of the Adventure tourism category and is subject to governmental restrictions for its maintenance and protection. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account the following conditions:
  • Reservations must be made after checking the availability of spaces for the probable start date of the service.
  • The entrance ticket to the Inca Trail network includes access to MACHU PICCHU, which is considered personal and non-transferable, valid only for the specified dates. For its use, you must present this document in addition to your passport and/or personal identification, as well as an updated ISIC card if you are eligible for a student discount.
  • Cancellations or annulments are accepted, but do not generate a monetary refund (as per the regulations of the governmental entity). They can be communicated via telephone, e-mail, or directly at the office. Upon request, the company can only enable your access to Machu Picchu for the scheduled day of arrival, as well as provide your return train ticket for the initially scheduled date. This is also applicable in case of the tourist’s absence at the start of the service.

Regarding The Inca Trail:

  • The Inca Trail is categorized under Adventure tourism and is subject to governmental restrictions for its maintenance and protection. It’s essential to consider the following conditions:
  • Reservations must be made after confirming space availability for the desired start date.
  • The entrance ticket to the Inca Trail network includes access to MACHU PICCHU. This ticket is personal, non-transferable, and valid only for the specified dates. To use it, you must present the ticket along with your passport and/or personal identification, as well as an updated ISIC card if you’re eligible for a student discount.
  • Cancellations or annulments are accepted but do not result in a monetary refund (as per government regulations). They can be made via telephone, email, or directly at the office. The company can only arrange your entry to Machu Picchu for the scheduled arrival day and provide your return train ticket for the initially scheduled date. This applies also if the tourist is absent at the service’s start.

Conditions During The Trek:

  • The treks will take place on scheduled dates and times.
  • The Agency is not responsible for delays or alterations in the program due to climatic factors, landslides, strikes, mobilizations, or other events that disrupt the itinerary or established times.

Client Responsibility:

  • The agency is not liable for accidents, damage, illnesses, death, delays, etc., encountered during the trip. This includes issues arising from acts of war, force majeure, strikes, weather conditions, earthquakes, political situations, etc., that lead to cancellations, changes, or delays.
  • The client assumes all additional expenses caused by these situations.
  • The agency is not responsible for the loss of flights, accommodation, or trips due to the aforementioned factors.
  • The agency reserves the right to cancel or modify the scheduled itinerary for improved service delivery or traveler safety.
  • Passengers are responsible for having appropriate documentation (passports, visas, travel insurance, vaccinations, vouchers, etc.).

Our Responsibilities:

STONE PATH MACHUPICCHU is not responsible for delays or expenses due to improper, expired, or lacking travel documents.

STONE PATH MACHUPICCHU commits to providing services as per tourist requirements and quality standards, in line with Art. 28 of the General Tourism Law No. 29408.

  • Reservations are accepted with an understanding of the potential risks inherent in traditional and adventure tours. Organizational perfection may be affected by factors beyond our control.
  • The company strives to provide its services diligently for a flawless travel experience.

Regarding Minors:

  • In all programs, unless stated otherwise, the maximum age for a child is 11 years and 11 months. Those over 12 are considered adults and subject to adult rates.

Regarding Travel Insurance:

We strongly recommend obtaining travel insurance covering accidents, medical expenses, emergency repatriation, including air rescue or air ambulance.

Your insurance should also cover tour cancellations and lost luggage. You can send us a scanned copy of your policy or entrust a copy to a reliable family member or friend.

Legal Basis:

  • To ensure full compliance with this contract, we inform you of the legal requirements according to Peruvian law:
    1. Constitution of Peru, 1993
    2. General Tourism Law No. 29408
    3. Current Peruvian Civil Code, 1984

Very Important (Recommendations):

  • We strongly suggest acclimatizing at high altitudes (above 3000 meters, in Cusco or another high-altitude city) for 2 or 3 days before starting the tour to minimize altitude sickness. Help your body adjust by drinking plenty of fluids, adding a little more sugar to your drinks, eating carbohydrate-rich foods, avoiding tobacco and alcohol, and drinking coca tea.
  • Inform us of any allergies, medical conditions, passenger characteristics, dietary preferences, etc. Please consult your doctor for any additional medication prescriptions.
  • By confirming your reservation, you fully accept our policies, terms, and conditions.
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