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  • Company Name: Stone Path Machupicchu E.I.R.L
  • Commercial Name: Stone Path Machupicchu
  • RUC: 20611922311
  • Address: San Blas Bella Vista G-5 Cusco, Cusco

Welcome to Stone Path Machupicchu, your portal to unforgettable adventures. Recognized as one of the emerging top travel agencies in the country and with numerous winning awards, we are proud to offer tourism services with the highest quality. Learn more about us in the journey we’re about to share, where every detail is crafted with passion and excellence.

We focus on designing unique tours for small groups, ensuring an intimate and customized experience. Each package is a masterpiece of tour planning, finely designed to fulfill the needs and expectations of each traveler.

What highlights us is our outstanding team. Each member of Stone Path Machhupicchu is a specialist in their field, showcasing their passion and commitment. Our dedication to continuous learning ensures our position at the forefront of tourism trends and practices.

We understand how valuable and important your time is. For the very first contact, we guarantee swift and detailed responses. Our team is available to answer all your questions and doubts, and we don’t rest until you are completely satisfied.

Looking for unique adventures? Look no further. Tell us your travel dreams, and we’ll make them come true. Customization isn’t just an option; it’s our promise. With an impressive 5-star rating on TripAdvisorOur clients attest to the excellence and quality of the services we provide.

Now, it’s your time! We welcome you to meet the brilliant minds behind Stone Path Machupicchu. Meet our founder and the talented team that makes every trip a Stone Path Machupicchu.

Welcome to STONE PATH MACHUPICCHU TRAVEL AGENCY where we characterize ourselves by offering comfort, value, service. We sell virtually all services available in Peru, Soon Galapagos, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Bolivia. Contact sales and travel support now
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