Increase in capacity at Machu Picchu approved: it will rise to 5,600 visitors per day

Currently, the Machu Picchu sanctuary has a capacity of 4,044 visitors daily, a figure that is expected to increase after approval by the Ministry of Culture.

Following a technical report approved by the Steering Committee of the Machu Picchu Management Unit, it was established that the capacity in the Inca citadel will increase to 5,600 visitors per day, the regional governor of Cusco, Werner Salcedo Álvarez, informed RPP.

Next Tuesday, December 5, representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Culture and Environment will meet; as well as authorities from the Regional Government of Cusco and the Municipality of Machu Picchu.

In this meeting of the United Machu Picchu Management Committee, additional technical aspects will be discussed so that the increase in capacity comes into effect.

“An agreement has been reached to have a dynamic capacity, which has been called, that will reach a maximum of 5,600 visitors per day, differentiating the number of visitors to the Inca Trail,” Werner Salcedo Álvarez told RPP.

It should be noted that currently the Machu Picchu sanctuary, located in Cusco, has a capacity of 4,044 visitors per day, so it is expected to increase this capacity progressively.

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